Tips on how to find clients

5 Tips for Finding Clients for Your Business

In case you haven’t realized it yet, we are in the presence of a new paradigm that has radically changed the way we do business, and of course the way we live.

Not too many years ago we had to look for a job, now it’s not that rare that recruiters or business owners reach out to us because we have managed to create a solid online presence. By doing so, we show up as the solution to someone’s problem and that makes it easier for us to be contacted by prospects.

This is one of my first suggestions, but before that it is crucial to know whom exactly can we serve, because we cannot help everybody.

Know your client

How will you find somebody if you do not know whom to find? You need to do your research not only on your target market, but especially on your ideal client. 

You should create an avatar of your ideal client through careful understanding of their needs and how you can create interest in them for your products or services. 

One helpful exercise you could do is actually write your ideal client avatar and the customer journey. You can download a template here.

Talk to your client

This is the part where you create content to attract your ideal client. It has to be authentic and you have to be authentic and genuine, nothing screams fake more than a cold general artificial content that a robot could have made.

What I mean is that you should produce your own content. You don’t have to write a 1200 words blog post or create a 10 minutes video, but you do have to find your favorite and most effective way to communicate your message. Are you an introvert? Probably you will enjoy writing and this would be the best way for you to express yourself and attract your ideal clients.

Are you a life and soul of the party extrovert? I am pretty sure that you will enjoy Facebook Lives, Instagram stories and any opportunity you have to appear on video will certainly help you spread your message and create a relationship with your audience.

Leverage Networking

It’s not all about content, actually nowadays it’s more about the relationships. Remember, what lies behind content, needs, interest, is people! Your products and services are meant to be used by people. You create content to be consumed by people. That is why relationships are the heart and soul of the business world.

Create authentic relationships where you can actually help people who are looking for exactly what you have to provide. This goes for local networking to online social networking.

You can start with your closest inner circle: whom can you help? Do these people have friends, family, acquaintances whom you can help?

And as far as social networks are concerned, the sky is the limit. You can search for groups in LinkedIn and Facebook, or specific forums (yes, they still exist) and see how you can be helpful, what people are struggling with and you can start from there.

Search in the platforms

I know, this sounds pretty obvious, but the truth is that many job seekers still don’t know where to look for. There are so many platforms that one does hardly know where to look.

Some platforms are – in my opinion – not worth because the competition is fierce and the rates are unacceptable for any professional who has studied, gone through training and reached a decent level of expertise.

Some platforms on the contrary are extremely useful. I have mentioned where to look for a job in this post.

Seek referrals

It goes without saying that we all have a tendency to trust those people more whom we know. So, always try to ask for referrals from your existing clients. Existing clients are the pathway to future clients. Do not forget to say thanks to your existing clients by offering them a certain gesture of thanks, like giving them something for free or offering a discount.

Winning new clients is immensely important in order to keep your business going. So, utilize these tips and go ahead to acquire the best clients across the globe. The more you move in a planned way, the better success you would gain for your online business in the years to come.

Please share in the comments how you find clients for your business.

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