You are...

An entrepreneur, freelancer, business owner.

You own a brick and mortar business or a digital business such as a consultancy practice or an e-commerce.

You have customers or clients and you need to setup the best possibile sales process (funnel), as well as a great communication channel to always nurture them.

Although nothing replaces a great personal meeting or call, you have to consider that you can automate a great amount of the process by delegating it to artificial intelligence.

Consider AI such as chatbots as a valid collaborator that is here to save you time and money and optimize your sales and support processes. And it can be trained!

How does Conversation Design work?

Conversation design consists of several processes whose mail goal is "to train your chatbots".

By creating dialogues that will make your chatbot sound more like a human (with no presumption of replacing a human), we will eventually train them to be your ideal assistant.

So the aim of conversation design is the setup of a chatbot or a voice assistant that sounds as natural as possible.

It's not about tricking humans to believe they are having a conversation with another human (don't do that!). It's about making your chatbot sound natural, because even if humans know they are talking to artificial intelligence, they still appreciate a natural dialogue, whereas are quite repelled by robotic interactions.

What Will You Get? 

  • Assessment

    We will talk about your business/company to get to know you and understand how we can help you

  • Needs Evaluation

    What do your customer need? How can you better serve them. We will begin the process with your needs in mind

  • Design

    This is where we create the conversation flow. It's our process made of writing, testing, rewriting, retesting.

  • Final Review

    You will have the final product properly presented to you and we will review it together.

What now?

  • Let's talk

    You can send an email or schedule a call and we will have our preliminary discussion

  • Step 2

    You will receive an email with link to a calendar to book our first session. If you don't, please let us know.

  • Step 3

    You will receive a questionnaire with some questions that will help me know you and understand where you are at.

    If you are not ready to book a package yet, remember that you can book a complimentary call: I will clarify any doubt you might have!